Opening with a low baseline and cinematic drums, Slowpalace’s remix of Lucchii’s “Chosen Ones” builds gradually. Finally, the track reaches it’s thrilling peak, with the drop’s pulsing future bass chords and a booming 808 bass-line. It’s this powerful hybrid trap sound that’s catapulted Slowpalace into a leader of the genre in just a few short […]

SoundCloud just announced a major deal in progress with Repost Network that will provide artists additional resources to help build their career. Repost Network Repost Network, founded in 2015, offers distribution services for artists, labels and promotion channels. They ultimately streamline the monetization process while assisting creators in tracking revenue from each channel. Michael Weissman, […]

Sam Dian recently dropped an EP entitled, “Blue Desire,” which also doubles as the name of the EP’s single. Sam Dian is an all-around artist. From directing to playing multiple instruments, this French producer brings listeners a chill, but upbeat, funky sound. With recent releases, such as, “The Light” and “Movies Star,” Sam has been growing […]