Wes Chiller And Pink Skies’ New Single “All Summer Long” Is A Laid-Back Ode To Summer

Joining forces for a collaboration that’s nothing short of impressive, Wes Chiller and Pink Skies have just unveiled “All Summer Long.” After randomly meeting at a Tame Impala concert multiple years ago, the two artists kept in touch and finally made it to the studio after a lot of hangs and surf sessions. The result is Wes Chiller’s forthcoming EP ‘The Sunshine Kid,’ which is produced by Pink Skies and will mark a new direction for the artist.

The first taste off ‘The Sunshine Kid,’ “All Summer Long” makes up for a wonderful display of Wes Chiller And Pink Skies’ talents and chemistry. While Wes Chiller delivers playful vocal lines throughout the tune, the instrumental ebbs and flows with the help of sparkly synth melodies, smooth guitars and acoustic drums, a result that’s as relaxing as it is impactful. Make sure to check out “All Summer Long” and stay tuned for more music from Wes Chiller and Pink Skies.

“‘All Summer Long’ serves as your sonic backdrop to the perfect summer. Misadventure, flings, and all the wild things that come along with the freedom summer exudes. This spirit thrives in ‘All Summer Long'” – Wes Chiller

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