New Release: YLY – Never Saw It Coming (ft. ARION HAZE)

Up-and-coming producer, YLY, recently released his newest single featuring ARION HAZE. “Never Saw It Coming” is a chill future bass / pop track with a touch of RnB and hip hop. This song is built around mellow chords and a catchy melody. The drop is a perfect mixture of vocals and fluttery future bass synths, layered with warm sub bass.

YLY has gained support from some huge producers, labels, and blogs on his previous releases over the past two years. He has a ton of potential to break down genre barriers, creating a new style in the electronic scene.

YLY Producer PureTone Music

YLY’s statement on his intentions for writing this track:

I wanted to create a song that would not only be able to get people emotionally attached, but also introduce my new style.

Stream: YLY – Never Saw It Coming (ft. ARION HAZE)


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