Share Your Music From SoundCloud Directly To Instagram

Share SoundCloud Music On Instagram PureTone

Share Music On SoundCloud To Instagram

Musicians and recording artists rejoice today as SoundCloud has just announced a new feature allowing users to share tracks from the SoundCloud app directly to their Instagram stories on either their IOS or Android phones. This statement came on the heels of an announcement at F8 that Instagram would begin allowing users to post stories from other third-party apps including Go-Pro and Spotify. SoundCloud announced they would join this collaborative effort shortly after. SoundCloud users no longer have to post “link in bio” to share a track on Instagram.

Users can now share tracks from the SoundCloud app by selecting the track they want to share on Instagram. “Share to Instagram Stories” is available when you hit the “share” icon. Depending on what type of phone you have (only available for iOS and Android), it may be the IG logo. A sticker will be added to your story, which you can place wherever you see fit within the post and then add it to your story. Fans / viewers will have to tap the “Play on SoundCloud” link and listen to the tune in the SoundCloud app.

Note: You may need to update both apps to see these options.

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