SIIK Joins Forces With SMACK For Irresistible House Tune, “Lifestyle”

With a track record that is more than impressive, SIIK is slowly but surely taking over dance music, having established himself as one of the most promising names out of Slovakia. With a production style that’s aggressive and emotional at the same time, the young artist focuses on unique sound design and hard-hitting basslines when crafting his house tunes, while always making sure to maintain a human touch.

SIIK’s brand new collaboration with SMACK marks one of his most infectious singles to date. Starting off with smooth melodies and a melodic rap topline, it quickly drops into a fully-blown festival anthem as catchy leads and drums take over. SMACK’s additions to the track are impressive to say the least. The mysterious duo have been active since 2017, having collaborated with celebrated artists such as Steff da Campo, Karra and Marine, as well as remixed songs by DNF, R3HAB, Breathe Carolina, Ofenbach and more.

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