SoundCloud Is Acquiring Repost Network

SoundCloud just announced a major deal in progress with Repost Network that will provide artists additional resources to help build their career.

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Repost Network

Repost Network, founded in 2015, offers distribution services for artists, labels and promotion channels. They ultimately streamline the monetization process while assisting creators in tracking revenue from each channel.

Michael Weissman, Chief Operating Officer for SoundCloud, said:

There are more than 20 million audio creators on SoundCloud, and we know building audiences and earning income from streaming are critical to them. SoundCloud’s focus is to build more tools and services to solve those needs.

With Soundcloud being the largest open audio platform, the partnership with Repost will serve as a creative solution to help cater to the needs of independent artists across the globe. It’s an exciting and potentially game-changing venture for both SoundCloud and Repost as they continue to set the bar high for artists looking to build their fanbase and launch their career to new heights.

Jeff Ponchick, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Repost Network:

Repost Network has been working with SoundCloud since the early days of its monetization initiative, and we are ecstatic to join the world’s largest audio creator community.

Our mission is to help artists make a living through their audiences online, and by joining the SoundCloud family we can help even more emerging artists take the next step in their career, earn more revenue and be heard by more fans.

While the terms of the deal have not been disclosed, they are expected to close in the upcoming weeks.

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By Kahla Keegan

I’m a native of Columbus, Ohio and have been an active member in the music scene since 2011. As a founder of Ohio Made Music and content writer on, I strive to give up and coming artists an opportunity to be heard by a like-minded audience through social promotion. I travel far and wide to get my bass fix from artists like Yheti, Toadface, levitation Jones, Bassnectar, Odesza and plenty more.